A View from the Rectory Window

A View from the Rectory Window

October 10, 2021

Stewardship Report

The focus of this bulletin is on our efforts as a parish family to fulfill Jesus’ command to “love God and our neighbor” (Mk. 12:30-31).

Included in this bulletin I provided the efforts of our parishioners who cared for those who are in need of spiritual, emotional, and/or physical assistance, the report can be viewed at Spiritual Report.  It would not be possible to present the full scope of our efforts in one bulletin.  For this reason, I ask pardon of those who may feel that their efforts went unnoticed or unacknowledged.  At the same time, I trust that our efforts are not done to win the praise of others, but rather, are in response to all that God has given us.

I am grateful, encouraged and inspired by the efforts of so many in our parish family.  You challenge me daily to be a better servant to the people entrusted to our care.

I can, at the same time, attest to the fact that so much is being done by just a portion of those who call Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish their home.  I know that these persons, groups and organizations are in constant need of additional members, gifts and voices.  Please consider this as an invitation to consider how and where you also might bring your gifts to the Lord in service of His people.  It is my sincere desire that our parish family would be the source of sustenance, healing and Good News for all who come to us and to all to whom we are sent.  Please join me or one of the organizations identified in this bulletin to set our parish alight with the gifts of the Holy Spirit!


While our greatest asset is our parishioners, I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to you for your material assistance to our parish throughout the year. 

In response to your generosity, the Parish Finance Council, the Parish Pastoral Council and I have sought to be prudent stewards of the resources entrusted to our care.  You can read about these efforts in greater detail in the Pastoral Council Minutes found on our parish website at https://www.saintmaxkolbe.com/pastoral-council-minutes. I know that transparency in this regard is one of our foremost obligations to you. 

For this reason, I included in this bulletin, a fiscal accounting summary of our parish for the fiscal year of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 which can be viewed at Financial Report. This summary delineates how we have applied your gifts to the mission of our parish family.  I hope you find in this report a clear and concise statement that reflects my intention as well as that of the Parish Finance Council and the Parish Pastoral Council to be faithful to our obligation to be transparent to you. 

On Thursday, October 14, at 7pm in Immaculata Hall, I encourage you to join me for a ‘Town Hall’ meeting.  At this meeting, members of the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council will be present to address any questions, concerns and/or recommendations that you may have about this stewardship report, and to hear any concerns/recommendations you may have for the life of our parish family. 

I am most grateful for you and strengthened by you.  May God continue to guide you and bless you and may Saint Maximilian Kolbe pray for us!


Fr. Pete 






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