A View from the Rectory Window

A View from the Rectory Window

 Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms.

How often in this past year did we see a news story about the joy of someone who was finally able to hug their mother because Covid had kept us apart.  It reminded me how unnatural it is to be disconnected from your mother.  It also brought to my mind, the thought of those who can no longer hug their mothers because of death.  It is good to celebrate Mother’s Day this year with the intention to never take the gift of our mothers for granted.

I believe we instinctively celebrate this day because we know that mothers and motherhood are beautiful and wonderful. Mothers are a gift from God, children are a gift from God and fathers are a gift from God! Family is a gift from God and life is a gift from God. Motherhood is special and so are mothers. It is that simple.  And while it is that simple, our faith draws us into a deeper awareness of the gift of motherhood.

When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai, the very first commandment after those directly related to God himself, concerned our parents – Honor your mother and your father! (Ex 20, Deut 5). There are no complicated conditions and no long explanations. There is also no expiration date on this commandment. God does not say ‘honor them for as long as they live.’ No, we are to always honor our mothers and fathers. God sees mothers and fathers as a gift and He wants and commands us to see and honor them as well so that we “may have a long life!” (Eph 6:3). Our God is the God of life. From the beginning God instructs our first parents “to be fertile and multiply” (Gen 1:28) In His divine plan for the salvation of the human race and all creation, God chooses to have His only son be “born of a woman (Gal 4.4). God chooses and wills motherhood to be part of our redemption. God views motherhood as such a gift that He gives his only begotten Son the gift of a mother. God the Father chose, desired, and willed, that Jesus know a mother’s love! Jesus, being faithful in all things and without any stain of sin, fulfills the Father’s commandment by honoring his mother and caring for her. So much so that even from the cross, in his last moments, he continues to honor Mary and blesses us by making her our mother as he entrusts her to the care of Saint John.

We honor our mothers today and always and we say thank you to them for their love and vocation of motherhood. We offer our thanks and praise to God for the gift of our mothers. We pray for all of our moms both living and dead. We pray that we and our society may esteem motherhood, life, and children, more and more. We pray that all married couples will be open to God’s gift of life. We pray our mothers will always know the love and the grace of God for them in their special and unique vocation of motherhood,

Father Pete



















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