Mass Intentions

The 2023 Mass Intention Book will open on July 12, 2022.

In order to provide for an equitable opportunity to share in the graces provided through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated in our parish family, we ask that:

  • A maximum of six memorial/anniversary Mass intentions be requested within a year.
  • A maximum of three Mass intentions be requested per year for a specific intention and/or person. We ask that only one Mass be reserved on a weekend and the others be held during the week.
  • The possiblility of five Mass intentions will be offered for the Masses on Wednesday, 8:30 am and Firday, 8:30 am at Church of the Resurrection.

To request Mass Intentions:

  • Request of a single Mass card may be received by visiting or calling the parish office (609-390-0664).
  • Requesting multiple 2023 Mass Intentions may be done by providing a written request (identifying the intention or the name of the person(s) to be remembered, who is requesting the Mass and a phone number) to the parish office.
  • Requesting Mass Intentions online for 2023 may be sent to [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]
    • You are asked to provide the written intention or name of the person(s) to be remembered, the name of the person requesting the Mass and a daytime phone number were you can be reached.
    • Donations may be made through check or through online giving (when you use online giving you need to schedule the Mass through the office and then let them know the payment will be sent through online giving, please call 609-390-0664)
  • A recommended donation for each Mass request is $15.00 may be made in cash, through check or through online giving..

As always, you are invited to contact us at the parish office with your request that any intention you might have be included in the Parish Book of Intentions that rests upon the altar at every Mass.