We want to have our child Baptized...What do we do?

As you prepare to bring your child to eternal life in Christ, we congratulate you.  We encourage you to contact the Parish Office to schedule the Sacrament.  The office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, closing daily for lunch between Noon and 1:00pm.

Forms:  There are two required forms to complete and submit at least two weeks before the scheduled Baptism:  (1) Baptismal Record Data Sheet (name, date of birth, etc.) and (2) Sponsorship Eligibility Form.


  • Baptisms are held at The Church of the Resurrection on the Second & Fourth Sundays of the month  during the 11:00am Mass. We ask that families and godparents arrive to the church at least 15 minutes before the scheduled Baptism.
  • If you attend Saint Casimir Church and would like to schedule the Baptism there, arrangements can be made by calling the Parish Office.
  • A Baptismal Preparation Class is offered for First-time parents on the Fourth Sunday of the month after the 11:00am Mass. Schedule your class by phone, 609-390-0664 or email: 

Godparents:  Every person being baptized must have a sponsor, traditionally called a godparent.  You must have at least one sponsor.  For infant baptism you are encouraged to identify two sponsors, one of each gender.  Being a godparent means you are willing to accept the responsibility of assisting the parents in nurturing the faith life of the child. 

Guidelines for choosing godparents:  Godparents are required to be “practicing Catholics”.  Sponsors will obtain a Letter of Eligibility or Sponsorship from the parish where they are registered.  By completing and signing this letter/form, you attest:  (1) you are at least 16 years of age (2) you are a fully initiated Catholic having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  (3) You are leading a sacramental life in harmony with the teaching of the Catholic Church. 

If one of the sponsors is not a baptized Catholic, he/she may stand as a sponsor as a Christian Witness.   This sponsor must be a baptized and believing Christian whose baptism is validly conferred    (e.g.,  Lutheran, Baptist, etc.).  

Baptisms of children, seven years of age to Adults:  Children at or under the age of six can be baptized as an infant.  If a child is seven years old or older, you are encouraged to contact the Parish Office and make an appointment to meet with Father Peter Joyce.  If you are an adult seeking Baptism, you are invited to participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Please contact the parish office for additional information. 

Donations:  Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish assigns no fees for the Sacraments.  A donation to support the work of the parish will be gratefully accepted.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 

We are eager to support you as you prepare to celebrate your sacramental marriage.  We share the guidelines below to assist you with your immediate planning.

The Date and Time:  Call the parish office, 609-390-0664 to schedule the date of your wedding at least six months ahead of time.  During this phone call you will also arrange your initial meeting with the priest. 

Initial Marriage Preparation Meeting:  During this initial meeting, the priest will review with you the marriage preparation process.  In addition to becoming acquainted with you, he will try to answer any questions you may have and address any issues or special circumstances you may have in preparing for your wedding in the Catholic Church. 

Obtain Copies of Sacrament Certificates:  You will need to obtain certificates signifying your previous reception of the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.  It is essential to submit recently issued certificates with a parish seal on them obtained after your initial meeting with the priest.  Please do not submit original certificates.  Contact the parish where you received your sacraments to request these certificates.  Non-Catholics may submit a photocopy of their original certificate of Baptism.  Upon receiving your certificates, please drop them off at the Parish Office. 

 Subsequent Marriage Preparation Meetings:  Once your freedom to enter into the sacrament of marriage is established, you will schedule two to three additional meetings to be held in the months leading up to the wedding.  During these meetings the priest will discuss with you the nature and scope of sacramental marriage in the Church.  The marriage preparation program, Pre-Cana will be introduced and discussed and registration forms for available classes provided.  You will be given the booklet, “Together For Life” to help plan the wedding liturgy. 

Pre-Cana Marriage Preparation Program:  Pre-Cana is a marriage preparation program that presents topics for your discussion relevant to a healthy marriage.  Classes are led by married couples trained by the Diocese.  All couples must attend a program.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of the class, please bring this document to the priest at your next meeting following the Pre-Cana class and it will be added to your marriage packet. 

Music:  After confirming your wedding date in the church, you may hire a musician(s) (Cantor and Organist) to play during the wedding liturgy.  The office staff can provide contact information for members of our parish music ministry.  You may also hire/bring a musician of your own choosing.

Marriage License:  Obtain a New Jersey civil marriage license from the Municipal Registrar’s Office in the municipality where either the bride or groom lives.  Please note there is a 72 hour waiting period between the time of application and the issuance of the license.  This document must be given to the priest no later than one week prior to the wedding. 

Wedding Rehearsal:  Schedule your wedding rehearsal during one of your first meetings with the priest or by calling the parish office.  We make every effort to schedule your rehearsal at a convenient day and time for you.

Décor:  Contact the parish office to arrange a time to decorate the church for your wedding.

Donations:  The suggested donation for celebrating your marriage at Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish is $350.00.  If you would like to make a donation to the priest, this is left to your discretion.  Fees and other expenses, for example, music, flowers and other items are left to your discretion.


On behalf of our Saint Maximilian Kolbe Parish Family, please accept our sympathy and an assurance of our prayerful support.  May the promise of the resurrection that your loved one remains in communion with you be a source of strength and consolation for you and your family.

As you begin to make funeral arrangements, our parish staff is ready to assist you in planning a Funeral Mass, a Funeral Service or a Memorial Mass [hereafter cited as a Funeral]. 

Your chosen Funeral Director will make arrangements with the parish regarding the day, place and time of the celebration.  After consultation with you, the Funeral Director will contact the parish office to confirm the priest’s and church’s availability for a particular day.

Once the date and time of the Funeral is confirmed, a member of the parish staff will contact you and your family to arrange a meeting with the priest to plan the Funeral.  During this planning meeting, the priest will walk you through the parts of the Funeral, answering any questions you may have.  You will be given material which contains suggestions for choosing readings for the Funeral. 

A member of the parish office will assist you in contracting with a musician for the Funeral.  If you or your loved one have/had a special request for a particular musician, or if you plan to use your own Cantor or Musician, please indicate that during the initial phone call with our staff.  To assist you, the priest will provide a form with ideas for music for the Funeral. 

Flowers may be brought from the funeral home or sent directly to the church. 

Donations for the church and stipend for the musician will be addressed through the funeral home.  If a Memorial Mass is planned with no assistance from a funeral home, a member of the parish staff will indicate the parish guidelines for donations/stipends.